Deadline Extensions

To accommodate applicants in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the Office of Admissions has extended the following deadlines:

Spring 2013 Applicant Deadline: Moved from Thursday, November 1st to Friday, November 9th

Fall 2013 Early Decision Applicant Deadline: Moved from Thursday, November 15th to Friday, November 23rd

Additionally weekday tours (most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) resumed this week and our final Lions Day Open House on Saturday, November 17th will take place as scheduled. To visit please sign up at:

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our counselors; we are here to help!

Rock The Vote

Although I missed voting in the 2000 Presidential Election my senior year because I was too young, many high school seniors have already turned 18 and are eligible to vote in their first election! If you are one of them make sure to get out and have your voice heard.

New Jersey voters who have been displaced as a result of Hurricane Sandy can find more information here:

Goodbye Hurricane Sandy!

I think the sign says it all!

The TCNJ campus was lucky to escape with only some minor damage, however our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who were not as fortunate. Please stay tuned for more updates this week from the Office of Admissions in the aftermath of Sandy.

TCNJ In The News

Find out about what’s been taking place on campus with the TCNJ Minute video for October 2012:

Also in the news this month: on Election Day (November 6th) NJ residents will be asked to vote on a higher education bond referendum. Make sure to educate yourself about the referendum and read the following opinion pieces on its impact for TCNJ!

Opinion: N.J. Higher Ed Bond Will Boost Jobs, Grads (October 10, 2012)

Opinion: N.J. Higher Education Bond Referendum is Great for Mercer Business (October 23, 2012)

Navigating College Fairs

A guest post from my colleague and fellow Admissions Counselor Jamie Caponera!

With the fall application dates rapidly approaching, a lot is going through your head. There are so many colleges out there and it would be impossible to visit them all!  What better way to learn a little more about each school than to visit with your college representative at a local college fair. Aside from being organized so that you can meet dozens of representatives, college fairs are a great way to pick up a quick snap shot of a school or to get your more personal application questions answered. So, with two hours and sometimes hundreds of schools, what do you do to make the best impression and get the most out of your time? Here are TCNJ’s College Fair Tips:

Dress appropriately. Depending on if a school offers interviews and if you are able to meet up with the Admissions Representative reading your file at an open house, this may be the only time that the Admissions Office gets to put a face with your file. Make sure the picture they get of you is a favorable one.

Strategize. Most high schools that organize college fairs know well in advance which colleges or universities are attending and produce a list to distribute to their students. Take a look at that list and plan which tables you want to stop at. Remember that you only have a few hours, so plan ahead as to how you want to use your time.

Do your research. Don’t spend your time asking easy statistics that you can find online. Do research on the schools you plan on visiting ahead of time so you maximize your time learning about research opportunities, internship opportunities, study abroad and student life.

Be realistic in your expectations. Admissions Representatives have a general knowledge of most aspects of the college or university that they represent. I can guarantee that there is not a representative out there that can list every gritty detail of every program at their institution. Know that going in and keep your questions more general. Make sure to fill out an inquiry card, though: whatever they can’t tell you from standing behind the table, they can certainly look up when they get back to the office and email you about!

So take a breath and try to enjoy the process! Don’t forget to follow our tips for a great college fair experience and we’ll see you on the road!

SAT Strategies

I tell families visiting TCNJ all the time that in high school, I was a horrible standardized test taker. The SAT was the bane of my existence junior year (despite being a straight A student) as I often “froze” and would forget things I’d learned and practiced over and over again for months.

I found that these few tips, although very common sense in nature, are ones that work and all students can benefit from. Since many of you are gearing up to take the SAT this weekend keep them in mind:

1. Get a good amount of sleep the night or two leading up to the exam.

2. Don’t skip breakfast! The last thing you want is your stomach to start growling halfway through the exam, and food will give you the energy and fuel you need to work through some of those more difficult questions.

3. Don’t be afraid to skip a question and come back. Like exercising, sometimes you brain needs a little time to warm up so start off by answering some of the questions you know.

4. Lastly, try not to panic! It’s the hardest of them all I know, but don’t start to freak out that you won’t get into college when you are in the middle of the test. Just take each question one at a time and do your best!

Even horrible test takers like myself survived, and even got into their dream school 🙂

Good luck everyone! And if you are applying Early Decision make sure College Board submits those scores ASAP.

Photo Friday!

Today’s Photo Friday comes from our first Lions Day Open House, which took place last Saturday, September 22nd. Over 1,500 high school students and guests were treated to academic information sessions, campus tours and admissions presentations. It was a beautiful day to visit The College of New Jersey!

Spotlight: School of Business

Here’s Five Things You Need to Know about the School of Business!

1 The School of Business is an AACSB accredited school, an accreditation that only 5% of business schools worldwide have earned. Within that 5%, TCNJ is one of 50 that offers a program exclusively to undergraduate students.

2. In 2012 we were ranked by Business Week as one of the Top 100 Undergraduate Business Programs nationwide!

3. Our state-of-the-art Financial Learning Center provides students with access to the same market data, news and technology available to professional traders in financial institutions.

4. 98% of graduates from the Class of 2010 were employed within a year of graduation and the top five employers who hired them were PricewaterhouseCooper, Deloitte LLP, Bank of America, Ernst & Young and WithumSmith+Brown.

5. Related student organizations include the American Marketing Association, Financial Management Association, Society for Human Resource Management, Beta Alpha Psi and the Economics Club.

Interested in learning more? Contact them directly at

Photo Friday

Another gorgeous picture of campus from Jess B… this time featuring the new School of Education Building! Those of you attending our Lions Day Open House tomorrow will get to see just how nice it is on the inside!